A crisis, big or small, is a sign. Use it to rediscover your beautiful self.

Using your own crisis as a source for learning helps you find meaning even in the pain. Rediscovering your own sense of beauty and joy, you will see not only light at the end of the tunnel, but brighter lights than you saw before you entered into it. Discover that the light is the real you.

Purpose Alignment

These sessions are exclusively for the soul conscious professional looking to realign with a profound sense of belonging and self reengagement. If you are at a crossroads in your career or personal life considering a change this process will be invaluable for you. I have an ability to tune into your energy fields and identify false belief systems. This then allows us to re-engage you with the truth of who you are energetically resulting in a profound and swift healing process.

The Discovery Call

A no obligation free initial session to identify the issues. 

The Energy Fields

A safe experience of tuning into your energetic reality

The Engagement

Once you are ready we can select a treatment package

The Outcome

We carefully consider the possible outcomes available

The Alignment

A powerful process of realignment with truth and power

Your Strategy

A plan to move forwards with key action steps & support

Purpose Alignment

Finding the real you means finding what makes you happy, what makes you shine. That is your right path. Following your right path means walking in the right direction, experiencing more joy, becoming a better person and leaving a nicer footprint. You and the world deserves the best version of you. I would love to cheer you along that path!

Own your crisis

What is blocking your best you? What is the distance between the you you love and the current you?

Connect the dots

What is necessary and what is avoidable? How much is too much or too little?

What is your pain telling you

What is the crisis a symptom of? What needs to change?

An ideal world

Imagine yourself in the best place possible.

A better path

Put your map into words so that you can communicate it with pride. Set emotional milestones.

Open your heart

This important work will help you trust yourself along the way.

Own Your Crisis

Own your crisis

What is blocking your best you?

Something is so wrong in your life that you can´t seem to handle it without help. Anxiety ridden, panicked or depressed, too overwhelmed to think straight? Admit that you are in a crisis, and look at the circumstances that cause them. 

Once you have put into words which circumstances have caused your crisis, you can start prioritising. What do you have to do now, and what can wait? 

Be your own best friend at this point. To find your balance and strength to do the work, you need to understand how important your own well-being is for your progress. Find some fun and light and love in your life!

Your Pain Speaks

What is the crisis a symptom of? What needs to change?

Understanding what your feelings are telling you, is a first step in understanding what to do about them.

If you own your feelings, it is easier to find the courage to stand up for yourself. 

All your feelings and emotions speak to your advantage. They want what is best for you! Learn to love them, and they will become easier to handle, even when they are negative. 

Your Pain Speaks

Better Path

Better Path

Put your map into words and set emotional milestones.

HSPs tend to dream dreams that ring true for themselves. Their dreams tend to be great indications as to what is their right path. Dream big, and enjoy it!

So you can´t open a refuge for stray dogs in your garden. But if this is your wish, then you have some indications as to what you want to spend your time doing. Find another milestone on the way to someday maybe getting there. You will be better off than finding random work that isn´t you.

Looking forward to something ís even better than actually succeeding. Make a dream plan in which some of it is actually doable. Dreaming and acting a positive future is very healing.  

Open your heart

This important work will help you trust yourself along the way.

Your heart holds the key to your happiness. Open it in a safe environment, and let it heal you and guide you in the right direction. Your heart wants what is best for you and all that you love. 

Practice the larger than life kind of love as much as you can. The more you focus on love, the less you focus on what hurts, so that you get some rest before you have to deal with your difficulties. Then you might be able to see it in a different light.  

Forgiving is really an act of love for yourself. You put yourself before the ones you beat yourself up for. Or you put your own sanity and happiness before your situation. 

Open your heart

What others are saying!

I truly love the sight of someone suddenly realising that they really do have a gift that´s meant to be utilised.
Facilitator, coach & Author
"Leaving my conversation with Trude, I felt a sense of floating, really looking forward to bringing my gift into the world!"
Secretary and artist
"I walked in with a depression and left with cirkumstances I needed to fix. Very empowering indeed!"
Coach & Facilitator

Included in your package

As a part of your time with me I will provide you with a tried and tested daily checklist of aligned actions for you to use that we will create during our sessions together. You will have an ongoing process to refer to exclusively designed to your bespoke needs and desired outcome.

Choose your package

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The Deep Drive

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The Full Monty

$ 1247
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Transformative Facilitation

Trude Sletteland

Founder of Trude Sletteland Coaching

I feel your pain and I see how it is getting in the way of who you want to be. I give permission to feel and to show it, and we will see that these emotions are super clear direction signs. I give you permission to look at them, analyze and obey them, as we look at what happens if you don’t. We will work on your permitting yourself to be the best version of yourself to the benefit of yourself, your surroundings and the world. When you fully understand this, you can outline a new path that sits better in your intuitive knowledge, and you will learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

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